Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021

From October 22 to 28, Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021 was successfully held on the Bund and M50 Shanghai, with a total of 16 offline and online events, attracting thousands of participants and tens of thousands of viewers.

Official Site

M7E - Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021
Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021

Intro Deck

Shanghai Metaverse Week Deck
Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021 上海元宇宙文化周 http://m7e.sh 22 - 28, October, 2021 10 月 22 至 28 日

Theme Explained

The awareness and exploration of Metaverse Identity are just beginning and we encourage artists, collectors, curators, entrepreneurs, investors, early adopters, and immigrants to Metaverse to go down the rabbit hole during Shanghai Metaverse Week.

Pre Signup

The pre signup of Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021 was launched on September 6 and collected more than 8,000 Ethereum wallet addresses just by generating a loot avatar within 7 days.

Whole Event

  • Sept 15 - Oct 28, NFT Airdrop & Claim @M7E.SH
  • Sept 29 - Nov 21, Exhibition: Avatar, My Metaverse @Suzhou Hanshan Art Museum
  • Oct 21, Virtual Reception of MOCA Exhibition @Somnium Space
  • Oct 22 - 28, MOCA Exhibition: Self Awakened @Metaverse & M7E.SH & M50 Shanghai
  • Oct 22, Opening Forum: Quest for Metaverse Identity @ideaPod the Bund House Shanghai
  • Oct 23 - 24, Super ACG Avatar Live Experience @M50 Innovation+ Space
  • Oct 23, AM, Harmony Meetup: When Shanghai meets Silicon Valley in Metaverse @M50 Innovation+ Space
  • Oct 23, PM, Semicolon C Digital Interactive Experience Party: When Message Dreams @M50 Shanghai
  • Oct 23, Night, Polygon Metaverse Night @M50 Innovation+ Space
  • Oct 24, AM, UTU.ONE Meetup: DAO: the Cornerstone of Web 3 @M50 Innovation+ Space
  • Oct 24, PM, Dataverse Triangle Table: Come and get your NFT ... stickers! @M50 Innovation+ Space
  • Oct 24, Night, Closed Door Cocktail @ideaPod the Bund House Shanghai
  • Oct 27, Metaverse Avatar Virtual Roundtable @ MAY
  • Oct 28, Closing Party @CryptoVoxels