MetaJam Homepage Revamp: Building the Web3 BUIDL Network to Jam into the New Paradigm

Today, we are releasing the totally revamped MetaJam landing page and a series of new features to focus on a crystal clear goal: to build MetaJam the Web3 BUIDL Network and help our builders jam into a new web3 paradigm.

Onboarding MetaJam with Different Role

The crypto market is always up and down, but the web3 BUIDL is just beginning. Currently, builders are scarce and crucial to the nascent Web3. That’s why MetaJam is building a web3 BUIDL network where people discover cool web3 products/dapps and build disruptive web3 projects with the support of POB (Proof of BUIDL) Protocol, a verifiable reputation protocol for web3 BUIDL. Whether a talent, scout, builder, eco-partner, or investor, you can contribute and earn on MetaJam, which drives the flywheel to facilitate Web3 BUIDL by involving all parties.

As an individual, you can:

  • build your web3 resume via the verified quests
  • verify skills and build a track record
  • apply for your web3 jobs among the network
  • contribute to web3 projects to earn reputation credits & token incentive
  • connect with other builders in the community

As a team, you can:

  • showcase your project among the community
  • hire talents via web3 resume & scouts
  • outsource tasks through the quests
  • get user tests from the community for your product
  • raise funds for your project

As a scout, you can:

  • source projects for investor
  • do project due diligence
  • source talents for projects
  • rally the community for projects
  • scout to earn your credits & tokens

As an ecosystem partner(e.g. public blockchain, infrastructure platform, crypto protocol, etc.), you can:

  • find use cases for your infrastructure or protocol
  • integrate emerging dapps to build composability
  • discover talents with verified skills

As an investor, you can:

  • recruit scouts to source projects
  • leverage the community to do project due diligence
  • make use of better investment opportunities

Now you are able to choose your role as a builder to create your personal profile, and/or create your project, or invite others to create projects. If you are an investor or ecosystem partner seeking cooperation, you can leave your message by clicking the buttons shown on the page.

Upcoming Events & Jam Review

Web3 builders onboarding MetaJam do not only come for utilities but also stay for network. MetaJam will attract builders all around the world and their projects across all sectors and facilitate builders to help each other by partnering with the communities such as Decode, M7e, and events like ETH Shanghai in May and Metaverse Summit in July. You will explore the projects from these events in the coming days and weeks.

Jam Review, featuring web3 products and projects created on the platform, is in the spotlight of MetaJam. Each project we featured in Jam Review is inviting all MetaJam users to give user tests and offer help with their product, community, and fundraising. Welcome to visit the profile pages of the featured projects and follow, upvote, or leave your comments.

Other New Features & Iterations

Of the 11 new features and iterations released in the new version of MetaJam, none is more exciting than the avatar editing feature. You can upload a local image or choose a PFP NFT from your wallet to better showcase your image in the Web3 BUIDL network.

Besides the avatar editing mentioned above, the new version supports:

  • view all timeline of the personal profile
  • project pagination on the personal profile
  • project edit
  • view all timeline of the project profile
  • show scout on the project profile
  • project timeline edit & pin top & hide
  • team member update feature
  • team member invite cancelation feature
  • newsletter subscription

Noted that the project vote & follow feature now is moved to the production environment and all data is reset.

More new features, events, and partnerships to help MetaJam build the Web3 BUIDL Network are on the way, so stay tuned!


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