MetaJam: help the daring build web3 from idea to product and beyond

Today, we launch the beta of MetaJam, a community where people discover, fund, and build web3 products or dapps.

It’s no doubt that we are entering web3, the better internet of the people, by the people, and for the people.

When compared to internet adoption, today is our 1997 moment for web3.

Not only the drastic increasing web3 adoption in terms of crypto wallet users but also we witness that the record-high number of developers joined web3 in 2021 than any year in history.

But this is just the beginning for web3 BUIDL:

  • More and more builders & investors have been ALL IN CRYPTO from web2 world since 2021 - the total funding of $27.3 billion poured into 8,785 web3 native companies, with 60 of them being web3 unicorns last year according to Crunchbase
  • Meanwhile, 18,416 web3 developers of all-time high monthly active developers represent only 0.068% of 26.9 million developers all over the world by far.

And there are many problems that lie in the nascent web3 building:

  • For users - what is web3? how to find user-friendly dapps to enjoy the benefit brought by web3?
  • For builders - how to build web3 products with an insufficient supply of infrastructure, talents, tooling, skillset, and funds?
  • For investors - how to discover and invest the hit dapps to harness the paradigm shift from web2 to web3?

Here comes MetaJam

MetaJam is building a web3-based community where people discover, fund, and build web3 products or dapps. Our mission is to help the daring build web3 from idea to product and beyond.

the profile is at the center of MetaJam, with which each cv & interaction for web3 user & project can be weaved & accumulated
once create your personal profile, you can submit or invite projects, post quests, and showcase your skillset & interest in onboard web3 BUIDL as your PoW
On the project profile page, builders develop & fundraise their products, investors discover & fund products, and eco-partners find use cases & recruit talents

Using blockchain technologies such as Layer-2, NFT, DID, and decentralized storage, MetaJam aggregates early adopters, talents, builders, investors, and eco-partner like public chains, crypto infrastructure & protocols to build web3 better and faster.

How does MetaJam drive the flywheel to facilitate web3 BUIDL

You will be an early adopter, a talent, a builder, or an investor in the web3 world. Whoever you are, you can do anything on MetaJam and get things done (a few we listed below):

  • For Builders:
  1. build your web3 profile and verify skills via quests
  2. propose your ideas and rally your team here
  3. post your quests & get help from other builders
  4. launch your product & get user tests from the community
  5. fundraise your projects to accelerate building
  • For Investors:
  1. recruit scouts to source projects
  2. leverage the community to do due diligence
  3. make use of better investment opportunities
  4. track project progress using the Timeline feature
  5. view community updates around projects
  • For Eco-Partners:
  1. find use cases for your infra/protocol
  2. integrate emerging dapps to build composability
  3. discover talents with verified skills

MetaJam is building and driving the flywheel to facilitate web3 BUIDL by such means as listed below:

  • democratize web3 BUIDL by lowing threshold to fundraise/invest web3 products/dapps for builders & investors, and to empower the community to co-create web3 products/dapps from day one
  • drive network effect for web3 BUIDL by building a bilateral market where builders and investors demand each other and expand it by embedding supply and demand from eco-partners, scouts, community users, etc.
  • facilitate composability for web3 BUIDL by providing a composable testbed and collaborative community of web3 products/dapps for eco-partners, such as public chains, crypto infrastructure, protocols, etc.

Let’s JAM into the new paradigm

Now, we sincerely invite you to connect your wallet to try the beta of MetaJam by creating your personal profile, submitting your web3 project, or inviting friends to create web3 profiles.

More features and surprises are on the way:

  • In this week, we will feature web3 projects created in MetaJam
  • Next month, we will release the project page to let users explore/build projects and the learn page to get started with your web3 learning
  • And on April 30, we will invite the selected builders and investors to attend our first Demo Day on MetaJam.

Let’s discover, fund, build web3 products, and JAM into the new paradigm just right now!