On December 8, we minted three versions of NFT in gold, purple, and blue to give to all sponsors and partners who supported Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021, artists who participated in the MOCA Exhibition, speakers and volunteers at the opening forum, and the M7e team as a token of remembrance and appreciation.

As the theme of Shanghai Metaverse Week "Self Awakened: Quest for Metaverse Identity" suggests, the self-sovereign identity is a prerequisite for people to enter the metaverse to work, study, live and play freely, so M7e invited multimedia artist metaSynth to design a 360° rotating 3D metal head for our NFT, and hip-hop musician/digital artist Omar Black composed the beats to make this Passport of M7e BUIDLER as vivid and cool as possible.

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/m7e-buidler

All who get and hold an M7e BUIDLER NFT are sure to have proof of contribution to Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021 in August, September, and October, and perhaps a pass to participate in the future Metaverse-related events organized by M7e. If you believe in the metaverse and persist in exploring it, in time, we hope that M7e BUIDLER NFT will become your identity as a "metaverse builder".