Let's Onboard MetaJam Odyssey SF to Decode Web3 BUIDL!

MetaJam Odyssey SF, the world's first metaverse + IRL Web3 Odyssey starting from October 10 to November 6, acrossing 7 cities and 2 continents, is welcoming you join hands with 10,000+ builders to decode Web3 BUIDL and unlock Web3 collaboration.

Web3, the next-generation Internet of the people, by the people, and for the people, has not been silenced by the turmoil in global politics and economy as well as the bear market when stepping into October 2022. On the contrary, with the influx of talents and capital from Web2 to Web3, the discussions, and even debates, around Web3 technologies, applications, products, communities, startups, investments, and regulations have become hotter and hotter.

However, we have always believed that the nascent Web3 has only one real problem: BUIDL with long-termism - and it's not about geography, language, or race.

Despite the number of crypto wallet users, developers entering Web3, and startups, the amount of funding, as well as the cryptocurrency market cap hitting new highs in last year's bull market, the fact that less than 20,000 Web3 developers represent only 0.068% of the world's developers suggests that Web3 currently has a supply-side problem in the first place:

  • For Users - how to enjoy self-sovereign benefits brought by web3 through user-friendly products?
  • For Builders - how to build web3 products with limited infrastructure, talents, tooling, skillset, and funds?
  • For Investors - how to harness the paradigm shift from web2 to web3 through discovering and investing in the hit products?
  • For Talents - how to learn web3 knowledge and grow skills fast?

Although nowadays information is readily available on the Internet, and we have gradually adapted to virtual communication over the past three years because of the global pandemic, brainstorming and collaborative sparking of the fundamental issues mentioned above are still inseparable from face-to-face dialogue.

Decode Web3 BUIDL, Unlock Web3 Collaboration, and Co-Build Web3 New World

Above is the thesis of MetaJam Odyssey SF initiated by MetaJam, Decode, and M7e.

MetaJam Odyssey SF will be held around San Francisco Blockchain Week 2022 to offer web3 builders all over the world an event platform to exchange ideas, seek opportunities, and build partnerships.

Welcome to Signup and Participate in Co-Building!

As long as you are all in Web3 from thought to action, genuinely interested in decoding Web3 BUIDL, hoping to gain the most updated knowledge, and unlocking collaboration opportunities at home and abroad, you can participate in the MetaJam Odyssey SF whether you are an entrepreneur, developer, creator, investor, evangelist, practitioner, or the head of a project, institution, media, community, DAO, or even a young student, whether through sponsorship, speech sharing, promotion, offline event volunteers, or online and offline event audiences - drop us an email at contact@metajam.studio!

If interested in sponsoring the event, please mail to contact@metajam.studio.

Prelude Events (Oct. 10 - Nov. 4)

Climax Events (Nov. 5 - 6)

Note:* The specific time and location of the above activities may be adjusted, please refer to the latest notice.*

Iniatied by MetaJam, Decode, and M7e


METAJAM is building a web3 collaborative network where builders discover cool dapps and build disruptive projects. With 4000+ web3 projects, builders on MetaJam are connecting and helping to grow products with each other. MetaJam has hosted Web3 Composability Odyssey that is in the form of a campaign caravan, to include a series of events such as lectures, discussions, demos, workshops, games, etc. in Dali, Yunnan from August 17-20 and received 500+ audience and 10+ industry leaders as speakers.


DECODE is the largest technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship community-based in Bay Area, which is jointly hosted with UC Berkeley and Stanford student organizations, alumni networks, and entrepreneurship centers with 10,000+ subscribers across channels, attracting 50+ top-tier speakers per year.

As a 501(c)(3), our mission is to give students, founders, and investors a platform to learn and explore the future.


M7e is building a metaverse builders community to facilitate the arrival of the next generation internet of/by/for the people through media, activities, and incubation and become one of the most influential web3 builders communities in China with 10,000+ subscribers across channels and a strong fanbase from a series of events such as Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021, IOSG Metaverse Carnival, and Metaverse Tea Party 2022, etc.