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Endless Media

ChatGPT is the latest step towards a world of infinite, customizable content, all generated by artificial intelligence. Its advent will impact how we create, consume, and commercialize media.

The New Creator Playbook: Jumpstarting Communities Through Tokens

Web3 is inverting the online creation model

Are NFTs only the bridge to Web3?

What if NFTs aren’t the third version of the internet but the bridge that leads to it? A mix between web2 and web3?

2022 ETH Shanghai Hackathon Kicking-off: MetaJam fully supports the building of Web3 BUIDL Network

2022 ETH Shanghai Hackathon is kicked off on May 20. As the community support partner of ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit and Hackathon, MetaJam has officially launched the ETH SHANGHAI Hackathon page!

MetaJam Homepage Revamp: Building the Web3 BUIDL Network to Jam into the New Paradigm

Today, we are releasing the totally revamped MetaJam landing page and a series of new features to focus on a crystal clear goal: to build MetaJam the Web3 BUIDL Network and help our builders jam into a new web3 paradigm.

POB Protocol: Building Verifiable Reputation Systems to help Builders Jam into the Web3 Paradigm

Let’s unveil the POB Protocol that supports MetaJam to build web3 BUIDL network as a decentralized protocol of verifiable reputation systems for web3 BUIDL.

Can ‘Community Composability’ Help Web2 Users Make the Jump to Web3?

Does widespread web3 adoption hinge on simplifying the onboarding process? Not necessarily. Here's another idea to get the crypto-curious in the door.

MetaJam: help the daring build web3 from idea to product and beyond

Today, we launch the beta of MetaJam, a community where people discover, fund, and build web3 products or dapps.

How Bitcoin Is Improving the Environment

Bitcoin mining consumed 0.05% of the total energy consumed in 2021, with 39% of the energy sources coming from renewable methods.

Reimagining Public Goods in the Age of Ethereum

to discuss public goods, community participation, and the tools we need to build the future we want to inhabit.

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