Virtual Worlds
EVM Metaverse Landscape

In building on the EVM, metaverse projects have the ability to plug into borderless and permissionless infrastructure (crypto, DeFi, NFTs, etc.) to build and share what they want, how they want.

Decentraland: The Metaverse's Early Mover

The virtual world has grown its users by 3,300% over the past year and reached a peak market cap of $12 billion. It may prove the best challenger to Meta’s long-term ambitions.

Sandbox COO Views the Ethereum Metaverse Game as a ‘Digital Nation’

Co-founder Sebastien Borget discusses the recent metaverse land rush, and where The Sandbox goes next after its Alpha test.

To the Discovery of Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the pioneers of the metaverse on Ethereum. Here is a summary of its history and evolution!

Here Comes a New Trend: Construction on Virtual Land

In this article, we will discuss construction on Decentraland’s virtual lands, the companies that participate there, and the teams that are building all this.

Metaverse as Digital Nations

Ethereum's metaverse is blooming with digital nations

Roblox: Cultural Currency

After a two-month delay, social gaming platform Roblox is headed to the public markets. It could be a blockbuster.

A Call for More Open, Blockchain-Based Virtual Worlds

Blockchain-based virtual worlds are essentially next-generation internet platforms.

The Epic Games Primer

This six-part series is designed to be an “Explain Like I’m (Twenty) Five” edition of Epic Games.

Cryptovoxels Investment Thoughts

Cryptovoxels will become a dominant Ethereum-based virtual world.

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