Let's Onboard MetaJam Odyssey SF to Decode Web3 BUIDL!

> MetaJam Odyssey SF, the world's first metaverse + IRL Web3 Odyssey starting from October 10 to November 6, acrossing 7 cities and 2 continents, is welcoming you join hands with 10,000+ builders to decode Web3 BUIDL and unlock Web3 collaboration. Web3, the next-generation Internet of the people, by the people, and for the people, has not been silenced by the turmoil in global politics and economy as well as the bear market when stepping into October 2022. On the contrary, with the influx of tal

Mega Hackathon 2022 Kicking-off: MetaJam Supports the Largest Student Blockchain Hackathon in the US

Mega Hackathon 2022, the largest student hackathon in the US, is kicked-off on June 15, with the support of MetaJam and M7e as special partners. And the Mega Hackathon page is officially launched at the same time.

元宇宙 2022 新春茶话会


IOSG's Metaverse Carnival Co-hosted by M7e

The Metaverse Carnival hosted by IOSG and co-hosted by M7e was successfully held in Shekou, Shenzhen on December 19.


We hope that M7e BUIDLER NFT will become your identity as a "metaverse builder"

NYC & SH Twin-City Treasure Hunt

From November 2nd to 8th, M7e to hold a New York + Shanghai Twin-City Treasure Hunt Event.

Tokyo Blockchain Week Halloween Party

The Tokyo Blockchain Week Halloween Party was held at CryptoVoxels at 10 pm on October 31.

Here Comes M7e

M7e is building a community of entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and early users who believe in and devote themselves to metaverse to exchange ideas, help each other build and invest better.

Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021

From October 22 to 28, Shanghai Metaverse Week 2021 was successfully held on the Bund and M50 Shanghai.

Binance Live: What is the Magic between Data and NFT?

Jessie and Josephine from Ownership Labs to discuss design philosophies behind the Dataverse product.

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