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How Web3 Music Platform Audius Hit 7.5 Million Monthly Users

Audius CEO and EDM fan Roneil Rumburg says he isn’t fazed by the bear market.

Here Are All of the Major NFT Projects Being Turned Into Movies

From World of Women to Aku—and maybe CryptoPunks and Bored Apes too—these popular NFTs are targeting Hollywood.

The NFT Effect on the Music Industry

Music NFTs open up new revenue streams for artists – native music NFT artists and established artists are both exploring new ways to share and sell their work.

Rebundling The Audio Value Chain

We cannot wait to see how this market develops and will be investing aggressively at the venture stage this year.

How DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi are Disrupting Hollywood

Decentralized financing, NFT fundraising, and filmmaking DAOs: how crypto is coming to shake up Hollywood's monolithic institutions.

Blockchain Games: Myths and Realities

My purpose is to help any game maker, whatever business model they imagine. If someone is earnestly building a game with blockchain, I’m rooting for their success.

Why the Game Business is Hard

Games are the biggest media category in history — and now some of the largest technology companies are also game companies. But the game business is hard, and with all this capital entering the market, it’s getting more competitive than ever.

‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3

An emerging model of gaming that provides real money for players is part of broader trends including web3, the future of work, and new types of networks.

The Loot project, a shift of paradigm in the NFT space?

Does the Loot project herald a major change in NFTs? Let's take a look back at this new-of-a-kind project and how it's working.

The Music Industry Is Built on Artists, but Shuns Creators

If the music business can revise its draconian approach to copyright, modding, and UGC, it will empower tech startups to do for audio what TikTok did for video.

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