Let’s DAO It: Co-ops, DAOs, and the Way Forward for Collectives

Austin Robey [], founder at Metalabel, Ampled, and Unnamed Fund, joined Crypto, Culture, & Society to talk about both the opportunities and challenges inherent to building better collectively-owned-and-operated organizations. As founding member of the three pioneering organizations listed below, Austin Robey is a key member of teams that are reimagining shared ownership and democratic governance for the digital era. * Ampled [], a Patreon

5 Challenges for DAOs to Overcome in 2022

As new DAOs continue to permeate the web3 landscape, it’s important to note that DAOs are still a relatively unexplored frontier in the Wild Wild West that is web3.

The Future of Work is Not Corporate — It’s DAOs and Crypto Networks

The old model is "work-to-earn." Increasingly we will see "x-to-earn" in crypto networks: play, learn, participate, invest, create, and more.

The Decentralized Country

Beyond DAOs and toward "promiscuous nationalism"

Inside the GameStop Drama; U.S. Constitution, Auctioned

The founder and CEO of market maker and investor Citadel gives his perspective on the frenzy that involved short sellers and ascendant retail investors.

As an Owner of Loot, Where to Map Your Journey?

The essence of social NFTs, including Loot and Crypto Punks, is futuristic gaming infrastructure stored on the blockchain.

DAOs, A Canon

Resources for those who want to understand, build, and otherwise get involved in DAOs

Building and Running a DAO: Why Governance Matters

Decentralized autonomous organizations only work if the community buys in. Here are the mindsets, tools, and incentives builders and participants need to know.

DAOs: Absorbing the Internet

DAOs seek to remedy some of the company’s flaws while enabling human collaboration at scale.

DAOs — the New Frontier in Coordination

To help members of DAOs share context & create common understanding.

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