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How Rare Pepe NFTs Reclaimed Pepe the Frog—And Why They Remain Relevant

Pepe the Frog isn’t just one of the oldest internet memes, he’s also one of the oldest NFTs. After Pepe was briefly associated with the alt right, Web3 reclaimed the meme.

Why Larva Labs Sold the CryptoPunks NFT IP to the Bored Ape Creators

What led to the blockbuster NFT deal and why the Punks creators say they weren’t “well suited” to support the project.

Poetry and NFTs: a new Cyber-culture?

NFT Poetry, like other NFT art forms, sets its own definitions. Unlike the iambic pentameter experienced (or endured) in high school NFT Poetry offers much less rigidity while integrating existing traditions with 21st century Crypto-verse.

Crypto Investor and NFT Creator Pak on Why They Don’t Identify as an Artist, and Their Recent Collaboration With Julian Assange

Proceeds from the new NFT collection will go in part toward Assange's legal defense.

NFTs that Think

An investigation into the inner lives of pixels.

CryptoPunks Get Physical: How Art Galleries are Displaying NFTs

With NFT art taking off, galleries are wrestling with how best to display it. Decrypt visited two London galleries taking very different approaches.

Art & Value & NFTs & PFPs & & &

Art is a product of creative labor, it is social currency, it is based on cultural relevance, it is inherently relative, and as such, its value is a complex, multi-layered, and open-ended proposition.

7 Hottest NFT Trends Happening Right Now

Apes and punks and rocks, oh my. Digital collectibles are back in the spotlight in a big way. Here’s why.

How to Approach Ethereum’s Generative Art Boom

Exploring the world of generative art and how to capitalize on the opportunity

What are the Metaverse’s Wearables?

Prices in luxury boutiques seem laughable compared to clothing prices in NFT marketplaces. Can’t fathom how one could pay that kind of money for clothes that can only be used on the Internet?

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